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Please take care


IF SOME ONE ASKS YOU TO DIAL #09 or #90,Please Do Not Dial This When Asked,


Please circulate URGENTLY.


New Trick of Jehadi Muslim Terrorists to Frame Innocent People!!



If you receive a phone call on your Mobile from any person saying that they are checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number. End this call immediately without pressing any numbers. Team

there is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your SIM card and make calls at your expense. Forward this message to as many friends as u can, to stop it. This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia.


There are over 3 million affected mobile phones. You can check this news at CNN web site also.

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? Please do not click photographs with your mobile phones without permission from the people or authorities concerned. You may be invading the privacy and possibly indulging in an illegal act.

? Do not send obscene / pornographic text / images using SMS.

? Do not send obscene / pornographic text / images using MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

? Do not receive from or reply to SMS / MMS of strangers.

? Do not transmit obscene/ pornographic material, as it is an offence under Information Technology Act ?2000 which carries a punishment of 5 years of imprisonment and 1 lakh rupees fine.

? Do not make calls to the unknown phone / mobile numbers you get while chatting or which are exhibited on various profiles on the Internet. If you do, you may be causing harassment to the other person.

? Do not keep your Blue Tooth open at all times-you may receive obscene / pornographic text, images and viruses.

? Do not give your mobile numbers while chatting on INTERNET to avoid ?STALKING?.

? DO not handover your mobile phone to unauthorised service centres, to avoid CLONING.

? It has been reported in the press that some unscrupulous elements may contact your mobile saying that they are from government agencies or Service Providers and request you to press #90 or #09. It is reported that doing so would transfer control of your SIM to the caller. SO DO NOT PRESS #90 or #09 when asked by unidentified persons.




  • Note down your IMEI number.
  • Security pin code should be used to avoid misuse of your mobile phones.
  • MMSs / SMSs received should be checked for their source before opening.
  • Delete all obscene / pornographic text, images, SMS /MMS from your mobile phones which you might have received or stored. Otherwise this may land you in trouble and unwanted embarrassment.
  • Anti-virus software should be loaded in the mobile phone.
  • Mobile phone keypad should be locked after every use.
  • Use your mobile phone only when necessary .

Dr Darius H Umrigar MD(AM)



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